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Work Out from Home!

Stuck at home but still want some physical activity? Say no more! Listed here are 10 exercises that can easily be done from the comfort of your home!

Pushups: Perhaps the most classic home exercise there is. A great chest workout that also tones your triceps

Lunges: Get those legs moving with some lunges. You can go forward, or to the side

Squats: Time to get your butt in shape! Literally

Wall Squats: Try to hold this position against a wall for 30 seconds. You'll feel the burn in your hamstrings as well as calves

Crunches: Another classes exercise movement that is sure to get your abdominal muscles some definition

Calf raises: A simple movement that builds muscle in your calves and starts to stretch your legs out

Jumping Jacks: Who could forget jumping jacks?! A great way to get your heart rate up quickly

Jump Rope: Okay okay, you don't have to be as fancy as this guy. Jumping rope is sure to get your blood flowing and energy going

Planks: It's harder than it looks! See if you can hold your body off the ground for 30-60 seconds!

Scissor Kicks: Another tough ab workout! You know what they say- No Pain No Gain!

These exercises provided great ways to get some physical activity- even from the comfort of your home! As always, don't push yourself beyond your capabilities, but do try to slowly increase your activity each time. Physical activity is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

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