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Strategies to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

At IMPACT Diabetes, our strategy for preventing diabetes revolves around working with your lifestyle coach to make long-lasting lifestyle changes. By implementing some changes to your lifestyle behaviors, such as eating healthier and increasing physical activity, you can avoid diabetes altogether!

Eating Healthier

Your lifestyle coach would love to talk to you about strategies to eat healthier. There are a ton of small modifications that can make a big difference in your health!

- Choose fruit over processed foods

  • Processed foods are everywhere these days! Some common examples include breakfast cereals, pre-sliced meats, microwavable meals, and chips. Make a choice to grab a banana or strawberries instead!

- Choose water, tea, or coffee instead of a soda or sports-drink

  • Did you know that an average serving of a sports-drink can have over 35 grams of sugar? Black coffee or unsweet tea are much healthier options.

- Try to get more fiber in your diet

  • Fiber is important because it helps with digestion and makes you feel full more quickly. Some foods high in fiber include beans, peas, almonds, and raspberries.

Lifestyle Improvements

Making long-lasting changes can be hard. However, at IMPACT Diabetes we provide you with methods for making these changes easier to implement and maintain.

- Increase your physical activity

  • Perhaps the most important item on this list is to increase your physical activity. You don't have to go run 10 miles tomorrow- but slowly increasing your amount of physical activity is key to preventing type 2 diabetes.

- Quit bad habits

  • You know those bad habits you've been wanting to quit for some time? Whether it's smoking, lack of sleep, or too much fast-food, your lifestyle coach is here for accountability and encouragement

- Use your community

  • At IMPACT Diabetes you will be with a community of people going through similar challenges as you. Together, you can discuss obstacles and learn about things that have worked for others.

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