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5 Ways to Get Active, Outside of the Gym!

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

1. Join a League

Many communities offer a variety of local sports leagues for adults of all ages. Some common leagues include kickball, tennis and basketball. Not only are these great for physical activity, but also to socialize and make new friends!

2. Go to the Park

There are plenty of things to do at parks. If you have kids or dogs, this can be a wonderful activity for the whole family! If running or biking is your thing, parks can be a nice place for those activities. If not, simply enjoy being outside!

3. Dance Classes

Dancing classes can be a perfect reason to get out and get active. If you have a partner, ask them to join you! Dancing is a very social activity that is fun for all ages.

4. Hiking

Hiking can be a great way to increase your physical activity. Hiking can be for as short or as long as you make it- there are no rules! Hiking is also a commonly used way to clear your head and find some peace in nature.

5. Swimming

You don't have to be an olympian to go swimming! Swimming is a great exercise that is not as hard on the joints as something like running. Often considered a full-body workout, swimming is a great way to get active!

Find what works for you! Contact your lifestyle coach for more information about getting active!

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